Flavor, Fitness, Fun - Inwave Restaurant & Juice Bar

Flavor, Fitness, Fun

At Inwave Restaurant and Juice Bar, we want to provide a fun, flavorful experience for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy dining alternative. And while we focus a lot of time and energy on making sure we’re tantalizing your taste buds, we’re also passionate about the benefits that vegan and vegetarian choices can offer.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, doing more damage than the top cancers combined. In studies, vegan and vegetarian diets have been shown not only to prevent heart disease and coronary artery disease, but reverse them. By preventing heart attacks and strokes and reducing the need for stent placement.

A diet rich in vegan and vegetarian foods can help delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, lower cholesterol and reduce sleep apnea. It’s perfect for losing weight or maintaining a lower weight. As well as promoting more restful sleep, aiding in digestion and improves mental alertness and acuity.

So while you’re savoring every bite, remember that you’re doing your body — and your family — a world of good.

We also went to great lengths to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can let the stress of the day melt away or gather for a fun outing with friends, family or co-workers. You won’t find loud music or a lot of television screens. Instead, you’ll find a bright, enticing place to unwind and enjoy a terrifically tasty meal that does your body good.