Inwave Restaurant and Juice Bar Spinach Salad

Why Inwave?

What’s in a name?  Ours comes from the passion for change that drove our founder, a local family practice physician, to create Inwave Restaurant & Juice Bar.

“When I conceived this restaurant,” He said, “I envisioned a menu filled with choices that would create a wave within each of our customers, transforming them from the inside out — all while being swept up in a wave of exciting flavors.”

“In addition,” He continued, “I had a wider vision for a transformation that might begin to sweep through our community — a wave of healthy choices that could begin to push heart disease, hypertension and diabetes to the margins and allow more of our neighbors to live longer, healthier lives. In other words, to catch the wave.”

“The beautiful custom-designed waterfall that we created as a centerpiece of Inwave does more than simply help create our tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.  It also serves as a reminder of the wave we hope to create.”

“Finally, we designed our restaurant to be a bright, welcoming place where family, friends and co-workers could gather to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company…a kind of social wave that brings people together in a healthy, happy environment.”

So catch the wave, and let it carry you toward a more healthy, happy life!