Inwave Restaurant and Juice Bar Our Story

Our Story

Inwave owner Shanna Stivers Dave’s husband is a family practice physician who, over the years, has seen a surge in heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and more — patients who were overweight, who couldn’t sleep, or who had no energy.  And the more they talked about this, the more they came to see that a common thread was diet.

So they dug into the research.  They spent hours poring over studies that compared the health benefits of a vegan and vegetarian diet — or even of increasing ones intake of vegan and vegetarian foods.  And the more they studied the research, the more convinced they became that a vegan or vegetarian diet could be a powerful tool in helping his patients and others avoid chronic illness and lead longer, healthier, happier lives.

When Shanna surveyed Louisville’s growing restaurant scene, she found that there were none who offered a completely healthy, vegan and vegetarian menu.  And she knew why.  Most people believe that vegan or vegetarian dining means settling for bland, flavorless, unsatisfying meals — that it takes the fun out of food.

So she asked the big question: what if there was a restaurant with a vegan and vegetarian, healthy menu? A place that put flavor and fun into healthy dining.  And then she set about creating the answer: Inwave Restaurant and Juice Bar.

The couple continued their research, this time of ingredients and recipes.  They studied international cuisine — and enlisted the guidance of the renowned culinary staff at Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies.  Then they and their chef began to craft their menu, pushing themselves to explore new ways to make everything they served delicious.  And because juice, which is growing in global popularity, offers many health benefits and is also a tasty break from other drink choices, they incorporated a juice bar as well.

Then Shanna turned her attention to the restaurant itself.  The goal was to make it a reflection of the menu: a light, colorful, relaxing place to enjoy the company of family, friends and co-workers — or to spend a little “me time,” catching up on work or just unwinding.

The result of all those months of research, planning and hard work: Inwave Restaurant and Juice Bar.  Whether you’re a foodie or a fitness buff — or anything in between — Inwave offers you a delicious choice of flavors you’ll love and feel great about.  So for fantastic fare with zero guilt, catch the wave…and taste the change!